iPhone 6 Rumors: Smartphone to Feature Light Up Apple Logo

A new photo showing off what could the rear shell for the upcoming iPhone 6 leaked onto the internet earlier this week.

It shows the back plate at various angles including a side view that displays the cutouts for the standard mute switch and elongated volume buttons on the left side. The right side features a SIM tray toward the middle and what has been reported to be the relocated power button. Apple is rumored to have moved it on this model in order to make it easier to access on the larger handset.

The report also states that the cutout for the Apple logo points to the possibility of a lighted version that would be used for notifications. These types of cutouts are normally used for iPads as Apple normally employs a shell cutout with an embedded Apple logo rather than printing it directly on the shell.

The iPhone 6 release date was leaked last month by a prominent German carrier.

The company, Deutsche Telekom claims that Apple will begin offering the flagship smartphone on Friday, Sept. 19. This may just be a guestimate based on past iPhone launches so the information should be taken with a grain of salt.

The last two iPhone releases took place on the 20th and 21st of September, which were both Fridays. Apple seems to be putting out two smartphones this year and with that, there could be two separate launch dates. Apple will most likely send out invites to the release event a few weeks before. That will be the only real indication given for an official day.

A previous report from Digitimes states that Foxxconn will be the primary manufacturer of the iPhone 6 supplying 70 percent of the expected shipments of the 4.7-inch version in 2015. The 5.5-inch model will enter into production August, according to the same report.