iPhone 6 Release Date Delay? Device Could Be Pushed Back, New Rumors Claim

Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 6 should be launched in September, with a release date late that month or early October 2014, according to widely circulating rumors over recent weeks. However, in some new rumors circulating online, it has also been suggested that the release date is still not 100 percent firm yet, and with the release still shaky, the Cupertino tech giant may still push the date back without much notice.

The next generation iPhone is one of the most important releases in Apple's history. Over recent years some have been disappointed with the iPhone releases, with most being simple updates rather than major overhauls of the device. With Samsung, HTC and other leading mobile phone makers gaining increasing popularity with larger screens, many analysts believe Apple must give fans something more this time around.

Youtube/fileThe iPhone 6, to be released on September 2014

Some say the next-generation iPhone will need to be a tad bigger if it wants to compete with the 5-inchers like Samsung's Galaxy S5 or LG's G3.

That has led to reports that the release of the iPhone 6 will allegedly come with two versions; a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. It is still unclear how Apple plans to release these two versions. Part of the speculation says that the two versions will be released at the same time while the other part says that the two versions will be released on different dates.

Nothing is certain but it would be likely that both versions will get the same release date since Apple is reported to be hiring Chinese factories to produce both versions of the phones. The 4.7-inch version is rumored to already be in production while the 5.5-inch version might just be starting production this month.

The company is expecting a high demand for both versions of the phone and is ordering between 70 to 80 million units, Tech Radar reports.

As with most Apple products, the price is expected to be put in the premium range, maybe even more expensive than most will anticipate. The larger screen, the rumored Sapphire glass covering will most likely put the iPhone 6's price tag around the $800-$1000 mark.

The price could go down before the actual release but the two versions will have differing prices with the 4.7-inch version going for around $850 while the 5.5-inch version running somewhere around $950.