iPhone 6 to Launch With Wraparound 3D Display?

Future Apple smartphones including the iPhone 6 now have the potential to feature wrap-around 3D displays.

Apple recently published a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week that points to the company creating a smartphone with a flexible display contained within a transparent body such as a glass tube. This display would be able to wraparound the sides and the rear of the handset.

Apple explores a variety of options for devices in the application that would use this type of display. The company also introduces a variety of form factors. An inner display could be used inside a transparent outer display in order to provide the illusion of 3D content, according to the application. Apple touches on the media devices featuring interchangeable caps so that they can be altered in different situations. It could also allow for different devices to be joined together.

The application was filed back in September 2011 and is credited to Apple product design engineer Scott Myers. This shows that the company has been hard at work on a device with a wraparound display for quite some time and could be launching one in the next few years.

However, the iPhone 6 probably will not end up with this type of design as it just would be too soon to have this type of tech perfected before its release later this year, or in 2014.

Apple and Google appear to be racing to find the next big thing in technology. Google's Glass project has been described by the company as something that will replace smartphones. Apple's product in the patent appears to have that same potential. Google's aiming to take smartphones out of the hands of people and have them in a pair of high-end shades. Apple's device seems a bit more advanced in terms of display and will keep smartphones in the hands of its consumers.