iPhone 8 Rumors: Face ID to Replace Touch ID

AppleShown is the Red Edition of the iPhone 7. Rumors claim that the iPhone 8 is ditching the Touch ID in favor of the Face ID.

With the rumored release date of the highly anticipated iPhone 8 nearing, more rumors and speculations on what it will possibly offer continue to circulate online. Among the many rumored features of the upcoming mobile device, though, it is said that its Face ID recognition is the likeliest to happen.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, many gadget fans are looking forward to the arrival of the iPhone 8. After all, as the 10th anniversary phone of the brand, many believe that it is one mobile device that will surely impress.

While there are many rumors on what the iPhone 8 may offer, the latest reports claim that the likeliest that will turn out to be a reality and not just remain a rumor is the phone's Face ID recognition, which is said to replace the Touch ID. Reportedly, the said feature is more secure than the Touch ID as it can capture more data points than a fingerprint scan.

Sources claim that the Face ID feature will be used for logging in, authenticating contactless payments, and opening secure iOS apps. It is said to employ a new 3D sensor on the front of the device to scan users' faces. Reportedly, the sensor has the ability to scan a user's face and unlock the phone in just a matter of a few hundred milliseconds.

It has been learned that the discovery on the supposed Face ID Recognition feature of the iPhone 8 was made by iOS developer and leaker Guilherme Rambo. According to reports, Rambo discovered references to "pearl.field-detect" and "pearl.pre-arm."

To the uninitiated, Pearl has long been recognized as the Face ID source code. While it was initially thought that it could not be integrated with Apple Pay, Rambo confirmed that it can be as he shared a screengrab showing the exact code.

Will Apple really debut the Face ID recognition feature via the iPhone 8? Those outside Apple can only speculate for now until the device is released, reportedly this September.