iPhone App Helps Readers Pronounce Tough Bible Names

A new iPhone application is now available to help Bible readers properly speak some of the sacred book's most difficult to pronounce names, places and terms.

Reading certain parts of the Bible is like trying to read a tongue twister. Some of the names of the people and places are difficult to pronounce, but the Bible Audio Pronunciations app offers assistance on over 1,000 of the Scripture's toughest words to say.

"We wanted to give people an easy tool to raise their level of understanding and enjoyment from reading the Bible," said the app's developer, Michael Vance, in a statement. "It will speak out loud some of its most difficult words."

The app is simple. Users can search or browse through a database of words, and after they find the one they want to learn to pronounce they simply tap it to hear a clearly spoken pronunciation of that word. Each word also comes with a Google and Wikipedia button so users can do more research of each word. The company will also regularly update the app, adding new terms and their pronunciations to the collection over time.

The Bible Audio Pronunciations app is affordable at only $0.99 on iTunes. For those who would like to test it out before they buy it, a “Lite” version is available for free, offering a list of 100 different words to choose from. The app can be used on portable iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices, making it readily available to readers wherever and whenever they get stuck on a certain word.

Why does it matter if we can or cannot pronounce Biblical terms? Vance says it's a matter of confidence in sharing our faith.

"The Bible is meant to be shared with others, and this app helps people do that with confidence," he said. "It is perfect for reading to your children, speaking at church, or reciting at a Bible study group."

Kevin McNeese of ChristianiPhoneApps.com reviewed the Bible Audio Pronunciations app and thought highly of it. “I can't count the number of times I've stumbled on the pronunciations of different names in the Bible,” he wrote. “And as a worship leader, I make sure that when reading passages during the service, I skip those verses that I know will display my full ignorance in front of everyone.”

“The app is a fantastic learning tool, reference for personal study and would also be a lot of fun with friends to see who can pronounce words the best,” he added. “For what this app does, I can't rate it any lower than 5-stars!”

Both the standard and “Lite” versions of the Bible Audio Pronunciations app can be obtained through the iTunes App Store.