iPhone Release Date: iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Unveiling Sept. 10, Available Sept. 20

The iPhone release date is set for Sept. 10, according to both previous and recent reports. The iPhone 5C, the cheaper version of the iPhone, along with the regular 5S or iPhone 6, will be revealed soon, with the two handsets available for purchase Sept. 20.

While the iPhone release dates have been reported on for weeks by veritable technology publications like AllThingsD, CNET , TechCrunch and others, the evidence to back up the claims hasn't been found until now. Apple employees have been given tightened schedules and few options for vacation time from Sept. 15 to the 25th, which could mean a slew of pre-orders and lines at Apple stores could be imminent. In addition, the iPhone 5 was unveiled Sept. 12 last year, which keeps to Apple's tight one-release-per-year schedule.

The iPhone 5C, the long-rumored cheaper version of the iPhone, should feature a plastic back, according to CNET. It's cost- between $349 and $399 unlocked, according to Morgan Stanley predictions- isn't too cheap, but certainly slashes the price compared to $450 for an unlocked 8GB iPhone 4 today. In addition, new colors blue, red, yellow, lime green and pink have been rumored for the plastic-backed devices.

To cut costs, the iPhone 5C could come without some features of even the iPhone 5 like Siri, or could simply have a pared down camera and use an older chip. There are little details available on the specs of the 5C, however, and reports are conflicting.

The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, should have more improved specs than the iPhone 5, which could mean a fingerprint sensor, 326 ppi Retina display, a dual-LED flash, improved front camera, iOS 7, and more. New colors could come for the 5S too, and pictures of gold, graphite and traditional black and white aluminum backs have been leaked on the internet.

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