iPhones to be Used by Students in Pro-Life Fight Against Abortion

Created Equal, a national pro-life organization, is launching a new outreach effort in the war against abortion called Created Equal Films. The initiative will urge students to use iPhone’s to create videos supporting the pro-life cause.

Created Equal Films will train students to become their own producers and capture videos on campus outreaches to expose the evils of abortion, according to the organizations executive director, Mark Harrington.

“Students creating videos is part and parcel of Created Equal’s overall training program in pro-life apologetics and outreach on high school and college campuses nationwide,” said Mark Harrington, to The Christian Post.

The organization starts the process by selecting or inviting a school to participate in training or outreach. It then trains students in pro-life apologetics in a classroom setting and encourages them to use prenatal and abortion imagery to spark conversations and debates.

While doing this, Created Equal trains the students to use their phones or other type of cameras to capture the discussions and debates on the issue, attempting to expose the lies of abortion advocates, according to Harrington.

During a Created Equal outreach, students ordinarily would engage in debates over the topic of abortion alongside members of the pro-life organization for one to two days. They capture footage and are helped by Created Equal to edit the video clips and load them onto their own social networking sites.

“We maintain our relationships with the students overtime making as many return visits as necessary until they are “on their own” in conducting their own outreach events and producing their own video clips,” said Harrington.

He feels since young people are already engulfed in social networking; it should not take too much effort on Created Equal’s part to gear them for these outreaches.

“The goal of our program is to be transferrable,” he said. “Students getting the training then taking ownership over their own campus in outreach and video production.”

According to Harrington, Created Equal plans to facilitate the launching of several hundred video producers, to create outreach and training videos that will go viral on the internet using already established personal networks.