iPod Touch 5 Released, Receiving Rave Reviews

The iPod Touch 5th generation model has finally landed in the homes of many consumers and the device has already received some positive reviews.

The Verge states that the new iPod Touch is a major upgrade from the previous version, with major improvements being made such as a faster processor, nicer display and a new sleek body.

The device is just a quarter-inch thick, weighs about 3.1 ounces and doesn't feel "cheap or flimsy," according to the publication. It features the same craftsmanship as the iPhone 5, with an aluminum back that makes it feel quite sturdy.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler described it as the device that "will further obliterate the point-and-shoot market."

"With the new iPod Touch, which was unveiled a few weeks ago and just started shipping this week, the camera is one of the hallmark features," said Siegler. "In fact, it may end up being its most important feature."

Siegler explains his point by stating that even though the iPod Touch camera is slightly less powerful than the ones found on the iPhone 4S and 5, it is still a "good camera" and will satisfy those who are not necessarily "iPhone people."

NBC also weighed in on the iPod Touch, stating that it "satisfies most iPhone envy." It is basically the closest one could get to owning an iPhone without actually purchasing one.

The publication describes the device as something that employs the best features from the different iPhone models, ranging from the 4 to the 5.

"It has a display identical to the one found on the iPhone 5, guts equivalent to some of those in the iPhone 4S, and a camera system similar- but significantly superior- to what's crammed inside the iPhone 4," wrote NBC.

The 5th generation iPod Touch is now available online and at Apple retail locations.