Iranian Embassy Becoming a House of Prayer for the Christian Defense Coalition

The Christian Defense Coalition (CDC) is teaming up with faith communities around the world in front of Iranian embassies around the globe to show support for religious freedom on the eve of the Iranian presidential elections.

Beginning at 12 p.m. on Thursday June 13 in Washington D.C. at the Iranian Interests Section, the CDC will also be asking for the release of Pastor Saeed, a Christian who has been held in Iran for eight years for expressing his faith.

"It is deeply troubling and disturbing that a U.S. citizen would be imprisoned for 8 years and brutally beaten in Iran for simply being a Christian," said Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, director of the CDC.

"We call upon the nation of Iran to respect human rights and religious freedom for all and release everyone who is being imprisoned because of their religious beliefs and respect the God given right for their citizens to worship according to their faith traditions, free from government persecution, harassment and oppression," he continued.

Mahoney thinks it is "disturbing" that President Obama has not spoken out about religious freedom and human rights, and has not asked about Pastor Saeed.

"President Obama's silence on religious freedom and basic human rights sends a clear message to the world that these issues are not a top priority for this Administration," he said.

This gathering is one of several peaceful demonstrations the organization has run in recent months as they meet to pray and intervene for Iranian Christians.

"We will stand as a 'prophetic witness' for justice reminding Iran, President Obama, Congress and our nation of Pastor Saeed's imprisonment and the persecution of so many others.  The faith community must never be silent on the issue of religious freedom across the globe," Rev. Mahoney said.