'Iron Man 3' Trailer Released Through iTunes (VIDEO)

The "Iron Man 3" trailer release took place this week as Marvel and Disney made it available for viewers to watch on iTunes.

The new film opens in theaters on May 3, 2013 and brings Robert Downey Jr.'s rendition of playboy Tony Stark who becomes the armored super hero known as Iron Man back to the big screen for the first time since this year's "The Avengers."

Judging from the trailer, Stark's personal life and world gets shaken up quite a bit by a new enemy whose mission is to eliminate the hero.

For those familiar with the Iron Man comic book and various animated adaptations of the hero, it can be easily accessed that the main antagonist of the film will be the hero's longtime nemesis The Mandarin. Two hands with rings on every finger are seen during the preview and Mandarin is known to sport this mystical jewelry that gives him great power.

Other Hollywood stars can be see reprising their roles in the film such as Gwyneth Paltrow, who will once again play the part of Virginia "Pepper" Potts and Don Cheadle, who plays James "Rhodey" Rhodes for the second time as this role was originally played by Terrence Howard in the first Iron Man film.

Ben Kingsley will be taking on the role of The Mandarin, who is the leader of a terrorist organization in the film. His face is seen briefly during the new trailer.

Iron Man 3 will feature a different director from the original two, as Shane Black will replace Jon Favreau, who is scheduled to make an appearance in the film.

The original Iron Man was released in May of 2008 and grossed about $585 million. The sequel came out in April of 2010 and made around $623 million.