Is His Pitch Too Pushy?

 "JOHN 3:16" reads the sign raised high by the rainbow-colored, afro wig-wearing man who uses televised sporting events to promote Jesus. Or, you've seen people carrying signs "REPENT" and handing out leaflets during major events that attract thousands of people, who typically are along for a good time – not a sales pitch, of any kind. Sometimes, you'll see well-meaning people standing on busy street corners holding signs about "KNOW JESUS, KNOW PEACE. NO JESUS. NO PEACE" and shouting, "Jesus loves you!"

Whenever I see people marketing Jesus like this, I just want to come up to ask them about their personal connection with their next door neighbors, or children, or spouses, other family and estranged relatives. Specifically, have they reached them in a meaningful way for Jesus? Are they living a life that attracts others to God, or repels them?

For every person who may have responded to these sign-holding, awkwardly-timed evangelists, there are thousands of others who immediately think Christians are weird. And, its human nature to draw the conclusion that if you were to become a Christian through one of these marketers, then you would think that you would also have to show up at events carrying signs. No thanks.