Is Social Media Leading You to Emotional Adultery?

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Trinity Church in Arizona has warned that many Christian couples are committing what he describes as "emotional adultery," and said that couples need to remember the importance of friendship in their relationship.

"Friendship is an integral part of a truly Christian marriage and a safeguard against emotional adultery. In our years together we have seen many couples, including pastors and their wives, commit emotional adultery. Emotional adultery is having as your close friend someone of the opposite sex who is not your spouse," Driscoll wrote in a blog post alongside his wife, Grace.

"Sadly, too many books and sermons on marriage focus only on the Bible verses about marriage. They should also examine the mountain of Bible verses on friendship because those apply to the most vital human friendship of all with our very best friend, our spouse. The Bible itself weds marriage and friendship. A wife in Song of Songs says, 'This is my beloved, and this is my friend' (5:16)," the post adds.