Is Your Love Only On Paper?

 Several years ago, the famous PEANUTS cartoon depicted Schroeder, the piano playing intellectual, being interrupted by his infatuated admirer, Lucy. Lucy said to Schroeder, "Schroeder, do you know what love is?"

Schroeder immediately stopped playing his piano, stood to his feet and said quite precisely, "Love: noun, to be fond of, a strong affection for or an attachment or devotion to a person or persons." Then he sat back down and started playing his piano again. Lucy just sat there stunned and then murmured sarcastically, "On paper, he's great." [1]

I'm afraid too many Christians just look good on paper. We've failed to realize that no matter how else we may bear out our testimony for Christ, the absence of love nullifies it all. Love is greater than anything we can say, or anything we possess, or anything we might give away.