ISIS and Hamas Claim Responsibility for Attack in Jerusalem That Left 1 Policewoman Dead

(PHOTO: REUTERS/ YASER AL-KHODOR)ISIS fighters carry their weapons as they parade along a street in an occupied territory in Syria.

ISIS and Hamas are both claiming responsibility for yet another attack in Israel's capital, Jerusalem. Two separate attacks were reportedly carried out simultaneously by three Palestinians armed with guns and knives.

The attacks happened on Friday at around 7:30 p.m., with the terrorists attacking police officers and civilians. One of the officers, 23-year-old Hadas Malka, was stabbed by one of the assailants as she attempted to reach for her weapon. Her attacker was later shot dead by officers who responded to the scene.

Meanwhile, the two other terrorists proceeded to rampage along Sultan Suleiman Street, near Damascus Gate in the Old City. Both were shot dead after assaulting police officers.

Malka and another wounded police officer were taken to Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem for treatment. The critically injured Malka later succumb to her wounds.

The ISIS later claimed responsibility for an attack, marking the first time they claimed an attack within Israel. Earlier this year, the group also said they were behind the rocket attacks that originated from the Sinai Peninsula.

The group's news agency said that "soldiers of the caliphate" attacked a "gathering of Jews" and warned that the attack will not be the last. Meanwhile Hamas, who also claimed responsibility for the attack, tells a different story.

According to them, the Islamic State had no part in the attacks. The group claims that Friday's attack was carried out by one of their members while the other two belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The attacks come as ISIS continues to project their global presence. They also claimed the recent attacks in Manchester and London.

The group has claimed responsibility for attacks carried out by their cells and affiliates on five continents. This presence has attracted extremists globally, and the organization has drawn some of its manpower through recruitment of radicalized Muslims in Western countries.