ISIS Drowns Iraqi Spy Using Fish Tank in First 2017 Execution Video

ISIS Execution
Islamic State executes accused Iraqi spy using fish tank in propaganda video released Jan. 3, 2016. |

The Islamic State terrorist organization has found yet another instrument to use to execute those they accuse of being enemy spies.

A 41-minute documentary-style propaganda video released by IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) from its stronghold in the Nineveh province of Iraq on Tuesday concludes by showing the cinematic execution of two men accused of being Iraqi coalition spies.

In the last five minutes of the video titled "The Procession of Light 2," IS displays how it handles those who dare work to compromise the sovereignty of the so-called caliphate.

The first victim, shown wearing an orange jumpsuit, is forced to do what IS has forced many other accused spies to do — confess to the camera the crimes that they are guilty of committing.

After the man confessed to the crime in a dark room, the video then cuts to footage of the man being executed on a rooftop.

The blindfolded prisoner was forced to his knees with his hands tied behind his back by what appears to be a Caucasian militant dressed in black with his face covered by a black balaclava.

The executioner wasted no time and sawed the man's head off with a large knife. After completely beheading the alleged spy, the militant placed the victim's head on top of the body and posed with his hand on top of the head for the camera.

The video then abruptly cuts to footage of the second victim, who was shown earlier in the documentary in what might have been a re-enactment scene of his alleged spying activities, also being forced to confess to his crime in a dark room.

Instead of decapitating the second victim, a militant tortured him using a fish tank.

The militant forced the victim to watch as he filled the tank with water and then dragged the prisoner to the tank and then thrust his head underwater.

The militant pushed the prisoner to the brink of suffocation before the victim's head was lifted out of the tank and he was allowed to breath again.

The militant then dumped what looked to be some type of liquor in the water and again pushed the victim's head underwater. The militant did not let up until the prisoner finally died.

In addition to the exectutions, reports that the video also showed footage of numerous suicide attacks conducted by IS militants in Mosul. The video also featured interviews with a number of IS suicide bombers right before they conducted their suicide attacks., which frequently reports on IS propaganda videos, states that the "The Procession of Light 2" is the first execution video that IS has released in 2017.

The last execution film that IS released came in December and featured two Turkish troops dressed in military fatigues being burned to death while they were chained. The video cruelly captured how the two men burned in agony as they frantically tried to extinguish the flames that engulfed their bodies.

IS produced a number of horrifying execution videos in 2016.

One of the most horrifying and gruesome videos the group produced was released in September and showed several accused spies getting their throats slit then hung upside down on meat hooks inside a slaughterhouse.

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