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ISIS News Update: All-Female Kurdish Unit Deployed to Fight Terrorists

ISIS News Update: All-Female Kurdish Unit Deployed to Fight Terrorists

In what could be one of the most courageous steps taken by the forces that fight against the ISIS, a Kurdish unit composed of women has been deployed to take down as many jihadists as they can.

Members of the all-female Kurdish unit deployed in Al-Hasakeh, Syria, prepare for the nearing battle | CNN video

In the past several months, the U.S.-led coalition has been hot on the news due to the airstrikes that fleshed out a good number of Islamic State posts in Iraq and Syria. This time, though, the Kurds are making a brave move with the all-female team fresh out of the anti-terrorist camp.

CNN's Ben Wedeman talked to the women who were deployed in the southern area of the Syrian town Al-Hasakah, also known as Al-Hasakeh. When asked if Islamic State forces are passing by their area of responsibility, one of the lady fighters responded with a laugh and said, "If they do, we won't leave one of them alive."

The extremists claim that they are bombing towns and killing people or selling hostage women to slavery because of their faith but the women don't think so. One of the soldiers said, "They think they're fighting in the name of Islam, and they believe if someone from Daesh is killed by a girl, a Kurdish girl, they won't go to heaven. So, they're afraid of girls."

Wedeman reports that in a few weeks time, the unit will be advancing toward an area where the ISIS forces are known to be lurking around.

On Tuesday, the U.S. government announced that it will be deploying additional forces to help with the ground offensives that are taking place in Syria. The declaration comes as a relief to some commanders and soldiers who think that they aren't being given enough reinforcement and assistance from the U.S.-led coalition.

Earlier last month, the Iraqi city of Sinjar was reclaimed by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who launched a ground offensive that took months of training before the battle. The city's reclamation has paved way for numerous Kurds and other fighters in Syria to enter training and be part of the battle to fight for their own.


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