Current Page: cartoon | Tuesday, September 20, 2016
ISIS on the Run!

ISIS on the Run!

The Islamic State terror group, which continues to control regions in Iraq and Syria, has reportedly declared a state of emergency in the city of Mosul after a wave of assassinations have rocked the jihadists.
Iraqi News reported on Thursday that "well placed sources" in Nineveh said IS has withdrawn all of its patrols from the streets of Mosul, which it has held since 2014.

"The international coalition airstrikes on Tuesday and Wednesday, destroyed gathering points and headquarters of ISIS in the forest areas in Mosul, and also destructed an ISIS headquarters in al-Imam al-Azam College," the sources said.

"ISIS have panicked after the waves of assassinations and have begun to cut off the main roads to the residential neighborhoods, after declaring a state of emergency in the city," the sources added.

The terror group has been losing its grip on the territories of Qayyarah, Sharqat and Bashiqa, following months of airstrikes and anti-terror efforts by the U.S. and a broad team of international allies, along with attacks by the Iraqi and Kurdish armies' ground forces.