Israeli CEO Commits to Giving 5 Percent of Profit to US Christian Charities

The CEO of an Israeli nutrition company says he has realized the deep connection both Christians and Jews share with Israel and will therefore give 5 percent of the proceeds to Christian churches or groups in the United States and 5 percent to Israeli charities.

David Hart, CEO of Ra'anana, Israel-based Galilee Nutritionals, announced his decision after spending a week traveling through Israel with a lifelong Christian friend.

"After a packed week of traveling the country together following the footsteps of Jesus from the Galilee to Jerusalem, I began to see Israel through my friend's eyes and perspective," Hart said in a statement. "While my personal reference point is that of a Jewish Zionist, during that week, I gained an appreciation and respect for the deep emotional connection that Christians also have towards Israel."

Hart, who did not mention the name of his Christian friend, added that he saw that for both Jews and Christians, connection to Israel is "deep, significant and spiritual."

Hart has decided to give 10 percent of the proceeds from Galilee Nutritionals, 5 percent to select Israeli charities, and 5 percent to his customers' choice of Christian charities, churches, or ministries in the United States.

"Living in Israel, I have the opportunity every day to see Christians from all over the world experience Israel, many for the first time," said Hart. "We cannot help but notice their excitement as they walk in the footsteps of Jesus. I am so very thankful I had the opportunity to understand the significance of the Christian perspective."