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'It' Creator Stephen King Talks Role of Faith in His Horror Stories (WATCH)

'It' Creator Stephen King Talks Role of Faith in His Horror Stories (WATCH)

"It," an adaptation of Stephen King's 1986 novel, was released in theaters Sept. 8, 2017. | (Photo: New Line Cinema)

Stephen King's "It" broke records in movie theaters this past weekend and now the bestselling author of the 1986 novel that has been adapted into the film is explaining how faith is an important theme in the story.

The movie, released last weekend, centers around a demonic shape-shifting alien known best as Pennywise the Clown who preys on the fears of children in the fictional town of Derry, Maine. The film, which was also adapted into a miniseries in 1990, has already garnered $123.1 million during its opening weekend which makes it the third largest release for 2017.

While faith may not be the first thing that comes to the mind of people who watch horror movies, King insists that it is very much a part of the "It" story.

"I've written books that deal directly with the idea that faith makes it possible to battle the monsters," he said in a video obtained by The Christian Post. "Those kids — they're the only ones who are still able to believe in monsters. You have to have faith and you have to believe that good is going to triumph over evil."

He went on to add, "I divide evil two ways. There's inside evil and there's outside evil."

King, who has also written other popular novels adapted into movies like The Shining, The Green Mile, and Dreamcatcher, previously spoke about his own faith in God. In a 2013 NPR interview, the author revealed what he believes to be evidence of God.

"If you say, 'Well, OK, I don't believe in God. There's no evidence of God,' then you're missing the stars in the sky and you're missing the sunrises and sunsets and you're missing the fact that the bees pollinate all these crops and keep us alive and the way that everything seems to work together," King said.

Still, he admitted that there were times he did not understand God's plans.

"But, at the same time, there's a lot of things in life where you say to yourself, 'well, if this is God's plan, it's very peculiar,' and you have to wonder about that guy's personality — the big guy's personality," he said.


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