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'It's Time': South African Christians Hold Largest Prayer Meeting in Nation's History

'It's Time': South African Christians Hold Largest Prayer Meeting in Nation's History

South Africa recently witnessed the largest gathering of Christians in the nation's history when close to two million believers gathered at a farm to hold a national prayer service themed "It's Time."

Over a million Christians gather at a farm outside Bloemfontein, South Africa to participate in a national prayer service themed "It's Time" on April 22, 2017. | (PHOTO: TWITTER/ANGUS BUCHAN)

Some 1.7 million people registered online to attend the historic event that was held outside Bloemfontein on April 22. Thousands more arrived on that day, with the multi-racial crowd spreading to more than a kilometer, Assist News Service reported.

The gathering was led by popular evangelist Angus Buchan, author of the book "Faith Like Potatoes," who called on Christians to come together and pray for their country amid the spiritual and socio-political challenges it is facing, according to IOL.

"History is in the making today," Buchan addressed the crowd gathered on the farm owned by former Springbok rugby player Ollie le Roux.

"This meeting is not about black or white, males or females, young or old. But this meeting is all about good and evil," he pointed out.

Buchan exhorted the believers to ask God to bring justice, peace and hope to South Africa, saying they can achieve all these through prayers.

Buchan also encouraged the people to pray for an end to immorality, pornography, drug addiction, racism, murder and rape.

He also spoke against bankruptcy, HIV and AIDS, and prayed for the restoration of the country's stability and strengthening of families.

Buchan led the huge congregation in asking God's forgiveness "for compromising our nation, our family and our future," saying, "from today onwards, we promise to stand up for truth and righteousness at all costs."

"We are calling sin by its name," he thundered. "I am not interested in your opinion. You shouldn't be interested in my opinion. The only thing you should be interested in is God's opinion. God said it. We believe it. That settles it."

Buchan said the country does not need "political change" but a "Jesus change," emphasizing that only God can heal the country.

Buchan has been described as "a straight-talking South African farmer of Scottish extraction."

In his website, he says he and his wife found Jesus in February 1979 two years after settling in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, South Africa.

His book "Faith Like Potatoes" is summarized as "the story of a farmer who risked everything for God." says Buchan's faith "carried him through droughts, family tragedies, and financial crisis."


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