iTunes Accepting Donations to Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Apple has partnered up with American Red Cross in order to help Hurricane Sandy victims by allowing them to make a donation through the company's iTunes application.

iTunes users can donate funds by purchasing a donation amount through the service that will then be transferred in full to the American Red Cross.

This donation will not be acknowledged on a personal level through the Red Cross, as iTunes will not submit any personal information to the organization.

iTunes users who want to help out the Hurricane Sandy relief can open up their iTunes and make a donation using a credit card or debit card. iTunes gift cards cannot be used for donations.

Once a donation is made, users will receive an email from the iTunes Store, which will serve as the only acknowledgement for the customer's donation.

This donation also does not include the purchase of any products or services from iTunes.

iTunes users looking to make a donation have the option of choosing from six different suggested amounts including $5.00, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, and $200.00.

The donation also will not qualify for any tax deductions or other tax benefits.

Apple has allowed people to make donations to relief efforts in the past through iTunes as it is and efficient way for generating funds.

The company serves as a hub to accept the donations by collecting, and then transferring the funds in full to American Red Cross.

Hurricane Sandy devastated many parts of New York, and New Jersey leaving many residents homes under water and millions without power for days.

The worst of the storm ravaged through the area this past Monday totaling cars, knocking homes off their foundations, and devastating people's lives.