'iZombie' Season 4 Spoilers: Liz Adjusts to Having Her True Identity Exposed

Facebook/cwizombieA promotional photo of The CW's TV series "iZombie."

Liv Moore (Rose McIver) will finally get to breathe freely without worrying that humans will discover her zombie identity in the upcoming season of "iZombie."

According to Hidden Remote, the time has come for Liv to receive the validation she deserves for solving countless undead cases under the human's radar for years. When the new installment airs, it will have been three months since Seattle experienced a zombie outbreak. 

McIver said that the undead would join the police force and that her character would finally get credit for what she has accomplished. Although Liv will not go as far as gloat over the turn of events, she will still take time to pat herself on the back for everything that she has done.

"Now that other zombies are partnering with detectives, I think that [Liv] will be potentially a little bit prudent, but also pretty proud that she's pioneered this whole new way of solving crimes. [She'll finally be] understood and validated in what she does," McIver said.

Since half of the population in the city is composed of zombies, there is no need for Liv to hide her identity. It will probably take a while for her to adjust, as she has been guarding her secret for so long.

Meanwhile, it has been teased that Liv would be busy deciding whether she wants a relationship with Chase Graves (Jason Dohring) or not. After sharing a kiss last season, the two have acquired quite a bunch of followers. McIver said that her character likes Chase a lot, but she is still wary of him.

Chase is set to become Seattle's next leader, a shadowy authority behind Floyd Baracus (Kurt Evans). He is the one who has the power to pull strings. Liv will reportedly not approve of this system since Chase's style of leadership is more of an authoritarian dictatorship. Still, she will give him all the support that he needs, knowing that the city is in shambles.

"iZombie" Season 4 is expected to air early 2018 on The CW.