J Drew II Reveals Family's Thoughts On Secular Music Direction

J. Drew Sheard, a member of the popular Christian family The Sheards, recently revealed his family's reaction to his new music that features secular content that may be considered inappropriate.

Sheard, 23, is gearing up to release his EP My Room with less Christian content and more R&B and Hip-Hop influences. In a trailer for his latest body of work, he is pictured sitting on a bed with three scantily clad women.

J. Drew Sheard II, the son of Detroit mega church pastor Bishop J. Drew Sheard and 4-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Karen Clark Sheard, revealed his parents' thoughts on his new musical direction.

"Some of the things I talk about they don't too much agree with or support, which is understandable," he told Sister 2 Sister magazine recently. "It's not necessarily a lot of drama. Sometime they get a little nervous off some of the things I might say here and there, but for the most part, they support me as a music producer and their son."

Still, the musician who also produced music for his gospel singing sister Kierra Sheard spoke about the importance of sharing his work with his family.

"As far as my parents and my family, they see everything," he told Sister 2 Sister. "I always send them links for everything before it comes out, not necessarily for their approval, but just to prepare them."

While Sheard's father and mother have established their careers in the Christian community, his 24-year-old sister Kierra Sheard is also a budding gospel singer.

However, Sheard previously told The Christian Post about his decision to take a different musical route.

"I come from the whole gospel legacy thing. I just wanted to do something different because believe it or not when I first started working on music gospel was never really my first love," Sheard revealed to CP earlier this year. "I thought that there's more things to talk about in life besides the main thing that gospel songs talk about. I pretty much work to really be able to relate to people and become the best at it."

Still, Sheard admitted that he encounters some pressure as the son of such a well-known Christian family.

"I come from this gospel background (so) everybody expects me to pretty much live a perfect life or do things in the lane of my mom and dad," Sheard told CP. "But I choose to do things outside so it's kind of a lot of pressure because sometimes I have to watch what I say because of who my family is. But it's just all about coming out of that box and coming out of those four walls and just being you."