Jaci Velasquez Offers Working Moms Advice on Sending Children to School for the First Time

Christian recording artist and multi-award winner Jaci Velasquez offers advice for moms sending their little ones to school for the first time, and also moms who are in school themselves.

(Photo: Reuters/File)Latin recording artists Jaci Velasquez (L) and Carlos Ponce (R) in this file photo.

The singer's oldest son, Zealand, is getting ready to start Kindergarten, a milestone that keeps her anxious.

"Zealand is my first child, which means he is growing up first. His first day of school is coming up next month, and I know I'm going to cry," she said to LittleJesusFreaks.com. "I wish I could be there to walk with him through every part of it and protect him from all those unsettling stories that you hear on the news, but I know he has to experience it himself to grow into the man he will become. I also know that I'll be the first one he sees when he gets back, so it's all good."

Velasquez knows things will be hard, at least at first, because she is also taking online classes at Liberty University in order to get her degree.

"I am a little anxious about my own education because it seems like I'm living my life a little backwards than the average person since I'm embarking on a college education after building a career, getting married and while raising two little boys. The important part though, is that I'm doing it!" she said to Little Jesus Freaks.

Having a full time music career, raising two kids, going back to school, and being married seems like a difficult task anyone can relate to. The mother of two says "balance" is the key to making the craziness work.

"Everything in life is about balance-so I am approaching it like I do everything else: Set boundaries, time frames and break times. If you have a set schedule, you're more likely to follow through," she said.

Velasquez has 19 releases in a 20-year plus music career: two independent, five Spanish, three Christmas, and two compilations.

Off those records she has three Platinum albums, three Gold albums, 16 number one singles, six top 10 singles, and seven Dove Awards.

She has also had six roles in movies and television, and is currently a co-host of "Family Friendly Morning Show" with Doug Griffin.

Jaci Velasquez most recently released her first Spanish lullaby album, Buenas noches mi sol, in September of 2012.

Her release prior to that was 2011's Diamond, on Inpop Records.