Jacintha Saldanha Leaves 3 Suicide Notes, Blames DJs for Death

Jacintha Saldanha wrote three suicide notes before taking her life following a prank call by Australian DJs. The notes placed the blame for her death on three individuals, according to reports.

Mrs. Saldanha, 46, was found hanged in a wardrobe three days after the radio station prank was made public. Days after her death officials revealed that a suicide not had been left behind. Now, three notes have turned up, one of which reveals Saldanha's anger towards the two 2DayFM DJs who were responsible for carrying out the prank.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian called the King Edward VII Hospital pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles in order to pry secret information out of the staff taking care of Kate Middleton. Saldanha answered and gave the information, believing that she was speaking to a royal. The nurse later blamed her death partially on the two DJs, according to report.

Jacintha "wrote a short letter in which she expressed her deep anger at the Australian radio presenters and blamed them for her tragic death," Mail Online reported.

A second letter points out two hospital colleagues, one of which Saldanha has allegedly argued with before. In the letter she is also critical of how the hospital handled the situation.

In the "one-page letter, Ms Saldanha criticized 'aspects of the hospital staff,' and singled out two individuals for blame," Mail Online reported.

The hospital did not release comment on any of the letters, stating that "senior staff had not seen copies," according to the report. The report also alleged that Saldanha may have attempted suicide more than once because marks were also found on her wrist and there were three notes instead of one.

Saldanha's children, Junal, 17, and Lisha, 14, released a statement about their mother on Saturday during a tribute in the U.K. describing their loss.

 "We will miss your laughter, the loving memories and the good times we had together. The house is an empty dwelling without your presence. We are shattered and there is an unfillable void in our lives," wrote.

The third suicide note detailed funeral arrangements.