Jack Hanlon Dies, Child Actor and 'Our Gang' Star Mourned

Jack Hanlon of 1926's film "The General" has died at age 96 in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Members of the actor's family reported his death on Sunday, according to the Associated Press.

"He was absolutely the sweetest, most charming man," Hanlon's niece, Wendy Putnam Park, told AP. "He loved talking about being in the movies if you brought the subject up. He loved sharing stories about being in them."

After his start in "The General" alongside Buster Keaton, freckle-faced Hanlon went on to play in two of Hal Roach's "Our Gang/Little Rascals" films- "The Glorious Fourth" and "Olympic Games."

Hanlon also appeared in 1929's "The Shakedown," and one year later, appeared in "Romance" opposite Greta Garbo. His other credits include films in the Ken Maynard series such as "The Wagon Master," "Parade of the West," and "King of the Arena."

Park added that her uncle was healthy ahead of his death, and it was simply old age that ended his life on Thursday.

"Surprisingly, he was in good physical shape until two months ago," said Park. "He liked being independent and watching old movies on TV. He basically died of old age."

Hanlon's friend, a Southern California school activity director a silent film fan, told The Las Vegas Sun that he had watched the "Our Gang" films as well as "The General" with the late actor.

"He told me it was like watching someone else because it was a lifetime ago … Jack led a full life," explained Satterfield.

Once he was a teenager, Hanlon pursued an unsuccessful career in professional baseball before becoming a furniture mover. The actor also served in the army during WWII.

The actor is also being mourned on social media sites on Monday.

"RIP," wrote Bob via Twitter.

Hanlon was married for 37 years before the death of his wife, Jean, in 1977, according to Variety. Three nieces and one nephew survive the actor.