Jack Osbourne Married in Hawaii Wedding Just Months Following Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

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(PHOTO: Twitter/Jack Osbourne)Jack Osbourne after having surgery to have his appendix removed.

Jack Osbourne has married actress Lisa Stelly in an intimate Hawaii ceremony on Sunday.

According to Us Weekly, the 26 year old son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne departed Los Angeles early last week to prepare for the wedding, with their families following soon after.

The wedding was kept formal and the ceremony was reported to have been a beautiful and intimate family affair.

"We really do wish them the very best for a happy life together," Stelly's uncle, Larry Chamberlain, told Celebuzz.

The couple have been engaged since September 2011, and have had a baby together in April. The pair welcomed their daughter Pearl into the world earlier this year.

However, tragedy hit the family in June when Osbourne announced that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But despite the bad news Jack Osbourne has seemingly taken the diagnosis in his stride and continued to remain positive.

He came to speak on "The Talk" where he said, "Honestly, I'm fine. Ultimately that is the toughest thing with this disease that I'm learning, one minute you can be fine, and the next I went blind in my right eye. It's a completely unpredictable disease."

The couple have looked on the bright side and Stelly has admitted that they would be looking to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible in the future.

"I think me and Jack are doing better than everyone else, honestly," she said. "We're just really trying to stay positive and we don't really have much time to be sad, because we have diapers to change and a little girl to look at and smile at. We're just having fun. He's going to be okay."