Jack Osbourne US Citizen, About to Become Father

Jack Osbourne, reality star and son to infamous Black Sabbath member Ozzy Osbourne, has become an American citizen, just days before his fiance is due to give birth.

Jack recently announced on Twitter that he is now an American citizen. The British born reality star has spent much of his time back and forth between the U.K. and the U.S. and is now on the brink of becoming a father.

"Woah. I just became a US citizen. Don't worry England I'm still British," Osbourned tweeted.

Osbourne's father Ozzy showed his dismay about the news. "So I guess u have become an American oh well just as long as you r happy I still love you dearly," the rock star responded.

The news came on the same day that Jack announced that his fiancé would be giving birth. Lisa Stelly and Osbourne became engaged in September, before news of her being pregnant broke.

"The most amazing man I've ever met asked me to marry him....and he wasn't joking! Crazy, right?" Stelly tweeted after Osbourne popped the question.

Stelly is an aspiring actress and due to give birth on Wednesday. No date for the couple's wedding has been set.

Osbourne has a past drug history but has made a successful recovery after checking into a drug rehab for an addiction to Oxycontin. At the end of March Osbourne underwent surgery to have his appendix removed and joked that the drugs he received afterward were dangerously good.

"Man, high powered pain killers + Radiohead = dangerous territory for me," he wrote on Twitter following the surgery. "I gotta get outta this hospital. This getting (too) good."

There is still no news yet on the baby's arrival.