Bam Magera Arrested at Mardi Gras

"Jacka--" star Bam Margera spent Mardi Gras in custody of the New Orleans Police Department. He was arrested at the Tuesday celebration for jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed in New Orleans' French Quarter.

TMZ, who broke the story, said Margera was handcuffed at the scene and led away by police soaking wet.

"I was swimming in a pool with my clothes on at Mardi Gras. Not really a good story ... but that's what happened," he told TMZ.

The professional skateboarder, television star, radio personality, and daredevil was also in the headlines two years ago, accused of using the "n-word" in a bar fight by a woman, Elizabeth Ray. Ray claims he used the racial slur against her, so she attacked him outside of his bar in his home town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, June 12, 2010.

 Margera, however, denies ever using a racial slur. "I called her a crazy b---- and an idiot, but I definitely didn't use the n-word," said Margera.

Police arrested Margera's attacker when they found him bloodied on the floor, having been struck by a baseball bat.

"I can say 100 percent without a doubt that she hit me in the head with a bat or a pipe," Margera told Us Magazine after the incident. "She's trying to say anything she possibly can to try and get herself out of trouble and make me look bad," he said.

Margera said the argument broke out when Ray stormed in at 2 a.m. to complain about Margera's bar.

"If you're complaining about my bar, it's a college town, so there's always gonna be people walking across your house on the sidewalk, peeing and throwing stuff," he said after the attack.

Margera's mother told MTV that the incident wasn't the first time her son had an altercation with Ray.

"She hit him over the head with a baseball bat, and she hit him while he was walking to his car," she said, though she was not actually a witness to the incident. "There was no fight. She's just crazy and gives him a hard time all the time," she said.