Jackie Chan Dead 2013: Twitter, Facebook Death Hoax Rebuked, Joked About by Chan on Arsenio Hall Show (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Facebook/Jackie Chan)Jackie Chan has proven that he is not dead, after a death hoax targeted him this past week.

Yet another Jackie Chan death rumor has been sparked, which is just the latest in a huge series of death hoaxes to target the martial arts actor through this year. In the latest rumor to claim Chan was dead, the popular Hong Kong actor died while attempting an extreme stunt as he filmed a dangerous movie scene in Hollywood.

News of the latest death hoax once again went viral on the Internet, causing many of his fans to worry that it was the end of their acting hero. However, the actor once again has been forced to adamantly claim and tryand show that he is still alive and well.

Recently the actor appeared on the "Arsenio Hall Show" where he spoke about how he has had to stand up against wave after wave of death hoax rumors over recent months.

Chan has taken to his Facebook page on numerous occasions to debunk the death rumors too, and he expanded on his troubles convincing people he is still alive to Arsenio Hall.

The 59-year-old "Rush Hour" star joked to Hall about the death claims, explaining how even his manager had called him asking him if he was ok and that he had heard he had died.

Chan said, "My manager called me in the United States asking, 'Are you okay?' 'I'm okay.' 'Everybody thought you'd died this morning!' 'What!' I said. 'No, no… don't worry, before I die I'll call you'."

Watch a video of the hilarious interview between Chan and Hall below: