Jackie Chan's Son Jaycee Chan Arrested Latest: Jackie Chan 'Ashamed' and 'Sad' After Jaycee Drug Arrest

(Photo: Reuters/File)Jackie Chan is seen in this file photo.

Jackie Chan's Son, Jaycee Chan, was arrested on drug-related charges recently, and that has led the Hollywood actor to admit that he is "ashamed" and "sad."

Jaycee Chan, 31, was detained on Thursday by police in Beijing, who have reported that more than 100 grams of marijuana were found at his home.

Jackie Chan, who was in fact named an official "Narcotics Control Ambassador" by Chinese police in 2009, has written on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo: "With regards to the incident involving my son Jaycee, I am very angry and shocked."

He added, "As a public figure, I am ashamed. As a father, I am very sad and his mother is heartbroken."

Furthermore he said, "I told Jaycee: if you have done something wrong, you must bear the consequences. As your father, I am willing to face the road ahead with you."

He said he "hoped young people would learn from Jaycee's lesson and avoid drugs."

Jaycee Chan was arrested along with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 23, and both were detained on Thursday after testing positive for marijuana.

Police have said he is suspected of the crime of "providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs."

If convicted, he faces a maximum prison term of three years.