Jackman's Wife Doesn't Like 'Wolverine' Body, 'Prefers Me Chubby'

Hugh Jackman revealed the interesting reason why his wife Deborra-Lee Furness isn't into his "Wolverine" body when he finished filming his recent movie, "The Wolverine."

The 44-year-old actor is well known for having chiseled muscles, but his latest role as the Marvel Comics character required him to really bulk up his body.

As a result, Jackman's producer wife has lamented his superhero physique.

"Deb will tell you that she doesn't like it," said the Australian actor speaking to Entertainment Tonight. "She prefers me chubby because it makes her look better."

Being 13 years Jackman's senior, 57-year-old Furness may have said that she prefers her husband's natural build, but Jackman recounted their first meeting when he was quite bulky.

"I don't know," the actor said of his wife's claims. "I met her on a prison drama where I was pretty jacked in that, and I dare say we wouldn't be together if I hadn't met her with that body."

Regardless of how his wife feels about his muscles, Jackman noted the challenges that come with changing your body for a role.

"I used to love chicken but not so much anymore," admitted the star speaking to the U.K.'s Express. "I ate so much chicken for this movie. At one point I was eating like 4,000 calories a day. It might sound like fun but I can assure you it isn't!"

Furthermore, Jackman noted that his diet plan to gain body mass consisted of almost strictly protein.

"We're not talking fun calories here," he said. "It's loads of chicken, fish, some steak, steamed vegetables and protein shakes. So I'm off chicken for a while."

Meanwhile, Jackman and his wife Furness have been married for almost two decades and share two children.

Despite his ever-changing body for film roles, the couple remains a rare and long-lasting staple in Hollywood.

"From day one, we were best mates," said the actor during a recent interview with Good Housekeeping magazine. "We just clicked. We were giggling and laughing- we just connected."

The actor also revealed a few secrets to his happy marriage.

"My number one rule for romance is surprise," said the Australian actor, before he also noted that "the bedrock of any relationship is to communicate," according to the magazine.