Jackson County, Kentucky News: Missing 5-Year-Old Boy Found Lifeless

REUTERS/Peter HendersonA view of the Garcia River Forest near Longvale, California July 27, 2009. James Spoonamore's body was found in a national forest in Jackson County, Kentucky.

The five-year old boy initially reported missing after he and his mother was kidnapped was finally found, but lifeless.

The boy, James Spoonamore, had already been missing for three days in Kentucky's Jackson County when his body was finally recovered last Monday, Sept. 11.

According to reports, the boy and his mother Jessica Durham were kidnapped and eventually tossed from a cliff by Lonnie Belt on Friday, Sept. 8. Although Durham survived the fall, she was severely injured when she was discovered by a group of hikers the following day as she suffered from a broken ankle, shattered pelvis, internal bleeding, and a head injury.

According to reports, Durham revealed to investigators that she and her son were assaulted and eventually abducted by Belt, who was already arrested last Saturday evening, Sept. 9.

Belt has told the investigators that he and Durham had a heated exchange over money prior to kidnapping the mother and son. Reportedly, he tied up Durham and drove her to the top of the cliff. The accused claimed that Durham fought back after he had untied her at the cliff, prompting him to push her.

The exact relationship of Durham and Belt remains unclear as of this writing.

Because of Durham's revelations and Belt's confessions, a search party for the 5-year old Spoonamore, who had just started school, was launched over the weekend. Despite volunteers, helicopters, helicopters, the National Guard, and K-9 units joining forces, the lifeless body of the boy was only discovered last Monday. According to reports, Spoonamore's body was found in a national forest that is a little more than half a mile away from where his mother was discovered.

Spoonamore's cause of death is yet to be determined while Belt has already been charged with murder, assault, kidnapping, and tampering with physical evidence as the investigation continues.