Jacksonville Tim Tebow Fans to Give Hometown Hero Flash Mob Reception

Chances are slim that N.Y. Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow will see much action in his hometown of Jacksonville Sunday when his team faces the Jaguars, but that isn't stopping a local company and fans who plan to show their enthusiasm for the Heisman Trophy winner by performing a flash mob.

Underneath the YouTube video, "Flash Mob at Everbank Field," the explanation for the plan is that the pre-game event outside the stadium is being put on by a company called Soul Electronics. "They asked us to do the flash mob at this game because the New York Jets will be playing and Tim Tebow is the quarterback of that team. Tim is affiliated with Soul Electronics so that's why we are doing this on this date," reads the description.

The video shows the routine performed by four girls and then broken down by steps by one of the girls for those wanting to memorize the flash mob dance.

Tebow, who routinely talks about his faith in Jesus during post-game locker room press conferences, has not made a public statement about the company or the planned flash mob as of Thursday evening.

The plan is already being criticized by some, including Alfie Crow, the Editor-In-Chief of SB Nation Tampa Bay, "covering all of Florida sports."

"I was under the impression that flash mobs stopped being a 'thing' about two years ago, but I guess a company called Soul Electronics didn't get that memo," writes Crow.

The sports editor appears to be unhappy about the meeting place for the flash mob, which is said to be near "Touchdown," the Jacksonville Jaguars statue.

"So there you have it. A company wants to organize people in Jacksonville to form a flash mob for the opposing team's quarterback outside the stadium at noon before kickoff," Crow states. "Not only is this going to be incredibly obnoxious trying to get into the stadium, but it's also kind of a slap in the face.

"Stomping on our mascot at midfield on our home turf, if you will."

This is not Tebow's first homecoming game. As a Denver Broncos player two years ago, he was a backup quarterback as well and used sparingly on running plays, according to The Associated Press.

The Jets (5-7) have struggle with quarterback Mark Sanchez at the helm and it is unclear who the backup to Sanchez will be against the Jaguars (2-10) since Tebow is still recovering from injured ribs. However, as has been the case since his injury, Tebow says he's ready to play.

"It's definitely special for me and I'm looking forward to it," said Tebow, as reported by AP.

In discussion about the way the season has gone for the Jets and Tebow, the team's coach Rex Ryan said, "I think his role actually was going to increase and then he had the injury. The way teams are attacking us may be a little different, but when we signed Tim, I actually thought that he was going to be a bigger part of our offense. That unfortunately hasn't happened that way to this date, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. ... I am excited that he's on our football team. I have never regretted trading for Tim because he does bring so much with him as far as the positive type person he is and the type of competitor he is. You love to surround yourself with tough competitive people, and certainly Tim would be one of those guys at the top of that list."