Jada Pinkett Smith Causes Stir Among Christian Fans With Cryptic Facebook Post Saying 'We Must Belong to Our Truth'

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(Photo: Facebook/Jada Pinkett Smith)Jada Pinkett Smith.

Jada Pinkett Smith, popular actress and wife of celebrated actor Will Smith, has caused a stir among her Christian fans who took umbrage at one of her recent Facebook posts to her 4.3 million fans declaring "we must not belong to the obedient… we must belong to our truth."

"We are born with our souls, but it is through our experiences in life that we are given the opportunity to discover the paths needed to develop the self. In order to do this we must not belong to the obedient... we must belong to our truth," noted Pinkett Smith in the cryptic Facebook post last Thursday which has since triggered a raging existential discussion about God. It has also attracted a barrage of excoriation from people of faith who think she went too far with her comments.

"Poor baby! Floating way out in the universe somewhere! True meaning of LOST in SPACE! Just shows you how the devil can manipulate your thinking when you[r] mind is not focused on the one and true GOD! Love ya little Jada!" wrote Connie Cooper in response to the post which has been liked more than 40,000 times and shared more than 3,400 times.

Fan Tosha Pack lashed out at the post in a comment that was liked nearly 200 times. "This is not the truth, so many lost souls. We must be obedient to God and follow His Will for our lives!!" she wrote.

Others like Eddie Scores, however, came out in defense of the star.

"It suprises (sic) me how most of the comments are coming from women being judgmental, angry and ignorant. Are these the same women that fight to have a voice and a mind of their own? Who are you guys to tell another women (sic) she's lost and doesn't know the truth? You're a bunch of brainwashed hypocrites that learned some scriptures in the bible and think that what's good for you is good for everyone else. They got porch monkeys controlled well," he noted. "Half of you would not know the truth if it slapped you in the face and most of you would not be able to handle the truth," he added.

"Jada says, 'In order to do this we must not belong to the obedient... we must belong to our truth.' Then 19,403 people quote their bible to tell her she's wrong, wrong, wrong...," noted E.a. Stansbury who took issue with the Christian critique of the star.

Commenters like Kota Jewel Forde urged Christians discussing the comment not be too quick to decide on what the star means because it is open to interpretation.

"Why are Christians always so ready to condemn? Why are Christians always so ready to judge? Why are Christians always so ready to be offended? Why are Christians always on the defensive? Who said that Mrs. Jada Pinkett Smith was speaking about God?" asked Forde.

Facebook/ Jada Pinkett Smith

"You are choosing to take offense to what she is saying. You are choosing to believe you and your religion and beliefs are being attacked when I read nothing of the sort in this. 'The obedient' refers to people who follow blindly and ask no questions or find any truth for or within themselves - for whatever reason. She said "our truth" not "THE truth." Each person's truth is different. Take your self-righteous sticks out of your behinds and relax!" she added.

The Christian Post reached out to the star via social media to expound on the Facebook post and her response is still pending.

Pinkett Smith and her husband have both been linked to the Church of Scientology in the past but have denied claims that they are Scientologists.

Last November, Pinkett Smith also tackled a discussion on the meaning of freedom in a video featuring her mother and her 13-year-old daughter, Willow.

"Nobody is ever really free but nobody is ever really controlled," pointed out Willow at the beginning of the discussion which her mother declared as "profound."

Pinkett Smith then went on to point out that people's thoughts create their reality. Willow concluded in part: "Being free is like not thinking about anything, nobody is telling you what to do, no worries, no nothing. But everybody has worries, nobody can be free from their mind because your mind makes up its own stuff."

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