Jaden Smith Reveals Birthday Plans, Problems With Partying

Jaden Smith, the 14-year-old actor and son to Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, recently revealed that he will not celebrate his birthday with a big party in July.

Despite the fact that the Smith son has celebrity friends like singers Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and reality television star Kylie Jenner, the budding entertainer revealed that he does not plan to celebrate his 15th in the way that some may assume.

"I use to have big parties, but now I realize I don't like big crowds of people in general so I'll probably do nothing and just hang out with my best friends," Smith told HipHollywood.com recently.

The actor revealed that he is not a fan of popular parties thrown by teenagers in California known as "kick backs."

"Literally you go to a kick back in L.A. and all you hear is, 'turn up, turn up, turn up' and I'm like geez can you stop screaming at me," the young Smith said.

Smith's revelation comes months after some believed that he was partying in a club with 19-year-old friend Bieber last March. There was speculation that the 14-year-old caused an issue for Bieber to enter a nightclub in London, according to Entertainment Weekly.

However, Bieber defended his friend on Instagram and let it be known that the actor's father was not ready to let his son partake in nightclub activities.

"The funny moment when people believe I brought underage people to a club," Bieber wrote.

"U think Will is letting his 14 year old in a club, I don't think so."

Although Smith is not ready to partake in the lavish partying that comes along with his high profile lifestyle, the young star has gone on record to speak about being grateful for his celebrity status.

"I saw his first movie when I was one," Smith told Wonderland magazine last April. "I mean, I went to premieres before I could talk. I'm really happy and fortunate, and thankful that I can get brought up in a family as lucky as mine."