Jahessye Shockley Missing: Emotional Mom Promises 'I'll Find You' (VIDEO)

In an emotional interview on Phoenix KPHO TV, Jerice Hunter, the mother of missing Glendale Ariz. girl Jahessye Shockley has promised her daughter that she will find her:

 Jhessye Shockley Missing: Emotional Mom Promised Jhessye She’ll Come and Get Her

"Jahessye, somebody’s thinking about you, if nobody but us [the girl’s family],” said Jerice Hunter, on the brink of tears.  “Mamma coming to get you.”

Hunter then went on to adamantly express that she will not allow her daughter to remain away from her family.

It has been one month since the little girl disappeared on Oct. 11, after Hunter is reported to have left the child locked in her apartment while she ran an errand.

Still the police have been unable to come up with any leads after reportedly more than 100 officers and a number of volunteers searching the outlining community. The search has focused on sex offenders, as well as knocking on the doors of individuals in the little girl's neighborhood.

Hunter has also been under a cloud of suspicion since little Jahessye disappeared.

She was sentenced to eight years in a California prison in 2006 for child abuse. The charges included the torturing of her 7-year old daughter and the infliction of physical injuries on her other children.

The mother complained that investigators and the media had focused too much on her past instead of on finding her daughter.

"We feel that law enforcement is not active in finding Jhessye and that they're more active in persecuting me instead of finding out where she is," according to The Associated Press.

In her recent interview, Hunter stated, "If I knew where my child was she would be here, do you understand that? If I could take back Oct. 11 I would never have walked out that door to go run an errand.”

Jhessye, who is African-American, has brown eyes with shoulder length hair, and stands approximately 3 feet and 5 inches tall, when last seen.

Anyone with information on Jhessye Shockley is asked to call 623-930-HELP (4357).