Jahi McMath Being Transferred to New Facility; Religious Doctors Offered Support, Help to Family

Jahi McMath's family is preparing to move the 13-year-old girl to another facility before Monday, when a judge has ordered that her life support can be turned off. According to the family, several Catholic doctors have helped them find care facilities to welcome McMath into their facilities, and the family has selected one in the Bay Area.

"They told us there is a bed, they care for children like her all the time," family attorney Christopher Dolan told San Jose Mercury News. "They believe they can provide her with care and support and treat her as if she's a living person."

The news comes as a relief to the McMath family, who fought to keep Jahi on life support until, they believe, she can make a full recovery. According to her uncle, Jahi is showing signs of life, including "more movement in her body. She's still showing signs of breathing on her own."

The family spent Christmas Day at the hospital, trying to provide as natural a celebration as they would if Jahi was home with them. The 13-year-old has been on life support since December 12, when she suffered complications from a routine tonsillectomy and was later declared brain dead. Her family maintained that there was a chance she could recover and sought a second professional opinion from a doctor before filing a restraining order against the hospital, preventing them from turning off the life support machines.

Fortunately, the family's insurance will cover the cost of treatment at this unnamed facility.

"It is hard to believe that the cost will be covered by insurance," Dolan said. "Somebody is doing the right thing. They have not put a time limit on this girl's life. She's covered and that's all that's important."

Throughout the ordeal, the McMath family has remained confident that Jahi will recover and has consistently asked for prayers for the teen. Faith is important to them, and they have held onto that faith and are seemingly seeing results, given that they may now have a place to care for Jahi and their legal troubles may be over.