Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Has Cancer - 'If the Devil Can't Defeat Me, Cancer Doesn't Have a Chance,' Wrestler Says

World Wrestling Entertainment legend Jake "the Snake" Roberts announced that he has cancer and will soon undergo surgery. Roberts reportedly has a cancerous tumor behind his knee and will have surgery tomorrow, Feb. 25, to remove it.

"If the devil can't defeat me, cancer doesn't stand a chance in hell!" Roberts told TMZ. "Pray for sick children who face this horrible disease 'cause the snake will be just fine!"

(Photo: Screengrab/WWE)Jake 'The Snake' Roberts makes his entry on January 6, 2014.

Roberts is a Hall-of-Fame inductee and a crowd favorite in the WWE. He's been a part of the organization since the 1980s, when he made a name for himself by bringing a python named Damien to the ring with him. After defeating his opponent, Roberts would "unleash" Damien and put the snake on top of the man on the mat.

He had been away from the WWE for some years but made a triumphant and much-anticipated return on Jan. 6 during a special edition of "Old School Raw." Fans went crazy for his return and, true to his character, Roberts brought a new version of Damien to the ring and unleashed the beast on an opponent. He reportedly told TMZ that he plans to make another return to the ring on March 13.

Roberts has been through a lot inside and outside the ring. He struggled with drug addiction, and even though a 14-week rehab and has been working with fellow wrestler Diamond Dallas Page in order to continue on the straight and narrow. Page is credited with helping numerous former wrestlers get their lives back after years of drug use.

He is the father of Brandy Grace, twins Dustin and Derek and two other children. People have been using social media to share their best wishes and prayers for the wrestler.

"Get well soon Jake 'The Snake' Roberts!" tweeted Derek Bailey.

"Let's hope Jake 'the snake' Roberts makes a speedy recovery from his cancer" added user Wrestling Memories.