Jaleel White: Urkel Dance Won't Win DWTS

Jaleel White is best known for playing the geeky next door neighbor Steve Urkel on the show "Family Matters," but now he may be considered a favorite to win season 14 of ABC's hit show "Dancing With The Stars."

Commenting on his first dance of the competition with partner Kym Johnson, White said before he took the dance floor that people only considered him as the nerdy dorky kid on the television show.

And for so many years he had to live with that, but he hoped he would be able to shed the stigma after being given the opportunity to perform on the show.

For the first dance White chose Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" and performed as if he had been dancing for years.

The judges saw the natural talent that White had and explained to the viewers that his dance was the "best first show" of any of the contestants in any the 14 seasons.

During one of the recorded practices with his partner Kym Johnson she asked him: "You're famous with your Urkel dancing?" Jaleel explained that if they wanted a chance at winning she should not use the Urkel dance.

Before the competition began White explained that he would have to be himself and not the character he played on television.

"As far as classic suspenders and just geeking out, [DWTS] is such an elegant show, and [judge] Len [Goodman] is such a stickler, I'm not going to do anything to get myself marked off as a gimmick," White told People magazine.

During the premiere, Jaleel impressed everyone watching, especially the judges who gave the pair one of the highest scores of the night.

"I'm telling you I thought I was watching the great Gregory Hines. This show has been fantastic," judge Bruno Tonioli said.