James Bond Stuntman Dies During Wing-Suit Jump (VIDEO)

The man who played James Bond during the 2012 Olympics' opening ceremony's stunt died after slamming into a mountain ridge during a wing-diving expedition in Switzerland. Mark Sutton, 42, was killed instantly after jumping from a helicopter.

"The accident occurred on the first day of the three-day event after several successful jumps had already been made," Epic TV said in a statement. "Rescue services arrived quickly and determined that Mr. Sutton had immediately died upon impact."

Sutton, a long-time parachutist and wing-diver, was very experienced in diving from helicopters and planes but suffered fatal injuries during this last jump. He leaped from the helicopter with friend Tony Uragallo, but Uragallo told the Guardian that he "flew out of sight," and he lost all visual of Sutton.

"On the few times I spoke to him, he was a lovely person, full of energy and positivity and just passionate about life and giving, getting the most out of life as he could," Uragallo said.

Sutton was selected to portray James Bond during the London Olympics; his friend, Gary Connery was chosen to portray Queen Elizabeth during the jump. The two were good friends and shared a love of adventure and passion for aerodynamics.

"In any sport where you share a common bond, you can make friends in a heartbeat that last a lifetime," Connery told the Sun. "My relationship with Mark was like that."

After learning of the accident, Connery took to Twitter to offer advice to all those who wanted to jump.

"All you jumpers/flyers out there, stay safe, make wise choices, and know your limits and your locations. Live to tell your stories. One love," Connery tweeted.

In addition to performing, Sutton worked as a consultant for RBS Markets and International Banking. The group issued its condolences at the loss of their friend and colleague and said its thoughts were with Sutton's family.

Police are conducting an investigation into Sutton's death to learn what went wrong during the jump.

Watch a video of Sutton jumping while wearing an Italian wing-suit HERE: