James Bond Thinks Rihanna Is 'Dirty' Enough to Star in Franchise

Daniel Craig Thinks Recording Artist Would Do Better Job Than Beyonce

Daniel Craig has starred as James Bond in three of the major motion picture franchise films over the past six years, and is sure that singer Rihanna would make a better "Bond girl" than Beyonce. However, some of his co-stars disagree.

Craig, 44, is the star of his third James Bond action movie "Skyfall". After doing interviews for the movie released last month, the action star was asked if he would rather have singers Beyonce or Rihanna as a Bond girl if given a choice. The "Skyfall" star picked Rihanna because she is "dirtier," according to Global Grind reports.

However, actress Naomi Harris who serves as Bond girl Eve Moneypenny in the latest film release disagreed with her co-star.

"Is that what you need to be a Bond girl?" Harris asked after hearing Craig's comments in the Global Grind interview.

Rihanna, 24-year-old pop star, caught wind of the interview and linked it to her Twitter account writing, "This makes me happy."

While Rihanna has yet to sign on to be a Bond girl in the film franchise, she has been working on her acting skills in recent months. Last May, the singer made her big screen debut in the film "Battleship" where she proved that she could do all of her own stunts.

"I mean, there are scenes later in the film where she's sprinting all over [a battleship], and it's, you know, tight little corners. The girl is extraordinarily agile," "Battleship" director Peter Berg revealed in an Entertainment Weekly report. "That's all her, getting slammed against walls, you know, being able to take a hit, throwing punches, shooting. She did all of it."

The director said he couldn't be happier with her performance in his movie.

"You know, it's not bad that she happens to be one of the biggest stars on the planet. I won't deny that, you know, I'm thrilled, but the reality is, she, you know, for her first film, and I said to her 'This is a great first film for you,'" Berg told EW. "She's just perfectly fine. She does a really solid job. I couldn't be happier with her."