James Franco's 'The Interview' Imitates Dennis Rodman in North Korea

(Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi)Director and cast member James Franco smiles as he poses during a photocall for his film "Sal" at the 68th Venice Film Festival September 4, 2011.

Actor James Franco has two new projects on the horizon. He will be making his Broadway Debut in "Of Mice and Men," and he has a movie with collaborator Seth Rogen enetiled "The Interview" in the works.

Franco recenty sat down to discuss both projects with Entertainment Weekly. He explained how "The Interview" coincidentally shares some similarities to Dennis Rodman's actual real life situation.

"[Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] wrote a version of this script before Rodman went to North Korea," Franco explained about the eerie timing. "It was actually long enough ago it was Kim Jong-Un's father, Kim Jong-il. And then as this movie went into pre-production Rodman started going over there so it was a very strange coincidence that I think ultimately will make this movie somehow more legitimate."

"Our movie is already so crazy, but things like that are actually kind of happening so now it isn't that out there," he said. "It'll just make our movie resonate in different ways. It'll become a few steps away from just being an outrageous comedy towards, I guess, social satire or something."

Franco also spoke about how excited he is to debut on Broadway, and particularly how much he likes "Of Mice and Men."

"I'm a huge[John] Steinbeck fan," Franco continued about his decision to sign on to the project. "I grew up in Northern California, not exactly in Steinbeck country, but Steinbeck has been a big part of my life for a long time. I guess I liked the relationship with Lennie. I liked that it's sort of like a dramatic bromance in a way. To me, the most exciting thing [will be] to create that, and develop that relationship with Chris O'Dowd," Franco said.