Jamie Lee Curtis and 'NCIS': Activia Spokesperson Lactose Intolerant?

Jamie Lee Curtis may be the next permanent cast member on "NCIS" as show producers consider making her the next love interest of Special Agent Gibbs. However, on her first appearance, fans were quick to jump on a lactose intolerant comment the actress made.

The actress is to play the role of Dr. Samantha Ryan, and love interest of Mark Harmon who plays Special Agent Gibbs. Some fans however, caught on to a certain comment Curtis made. During the scene in which Curtis is speaking with another doctor, she comments about being lactose intolerant.

Although the comment was clearly made in character, that didn't stop some fans from remembering Activia commercials, which featured none other than Jamie Lee Curtis.

"Did anyone notice she said she was lactose intolerant?" Sabine Reddy commented on The Los Angeles Times blog.

"I did and thought it was hysterical!" Mary Jo Metsker said.

"Activia!!! Not," Ram Reddy added.

The actress in recent times has become better known for her commercials with Activia, a yogurt, than her acting roles.

"Surprised she did not come with her Activia!!!" one person joked on Facebook.

Despite the lactose intolerant remark however, most fans were supportive of Curtis' new role.

"I think she played her part very well. I would like to see more of her and for Gibbs to get a little love'ng [sic] in his life," Kathleen Sexson wrote.

"Good! They look good together and they are both strong people...will be interesting," Pam Weinman added.

Of course, some were not in favor of the budding romance between Gibbs and Ryan.

 "I think Gibbs should have stuck with the Army CID Colonel. She was hotter and seemed to have more personality and more in common with Gibbs," Jim Handy wrote on The Times blog.

"I am detesting the idea that Gibbs will hook up with this chick. The writers blew it when they had him let that nice Army colonel get away. She would have been the way to go. Not some chick who plays mind games and undermines foreign governments with impunity. I seen nothing good coming from this happening except more Gibbs relationship carnage," Jeff Brown wrote.