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Jana Duggar Under Pressure to Marry After Brother Gets Engaged?

Jana Duggar Under Pressure to Marry After Brother Gets Engaged?

Jana Duggar (middle) with her younger sisters who are already married posed for a promo image of TLC's 'Counting On' | Facebook/countingontlc

Josiah Matthew Duggar just got engaged, which might have put Janna Duggar under pressure to be in a relationship and marry.

The Duggar family have announced that Josiah, also known as Joe, has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Lauren Swanson. The news was both announced in the official Duggar family fan blog and Michelle's Duggar Family website.

Everyone is very happy for Joe and Lauren. The Duggar siblings have even shared their congratulatory messages for their brother. However, fans of the Duggars are wondering about Jana amidst Joe's engagement.

In the post, "Engagement Message from Josiah and Lauren," there were some fans who commented about Jana instead of Joe.

"I hope Jana and John-David (Duggar) are next," an anonymous fan commented on the post, including Jana's twin brother on the wish that they get engaged soon.

Another anonymous comment focused on Jana with a less kind message.

"Poor Jana. Another sibling getting married and she doesn't even have a suitor in sight," the comment reads.

However, many of the Duggar family fans came to defend Jana and her twin, John-David.

One of the response was that Jana and John-David "don't want to marry" yet. Meanwhile, another reply said that Jana is "perfectly happy" to be single.

"You don't have to feel sorry for her, shes not sad!" the reply continued. Another fan mentioned that the Duggars previously shared that Jana has had suitors before, but "she just wasn't interested."

There's a chance that Jana and John-David's relationship status will change soon. TLC's "Counting On" released a teaser titled, "Next Duggar to Court," where the Duggars were asked who among the siblings will be in courtship next.

Jeremy Duggar put John-David in the spotlight, but the latter had a very nonchalant reaction to it.

"I don't know," said John-David, but Jana had a slightly more hopeful response.

"I don't know. Si?" Jana responded.


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