Jane Fonda to Critics of Her Playing Nancy Reagan: 'Get A Life'

Jane Fonda has responded to those critical of her portrayal of former first lady Nancy Reagan by telling them to "get a life." Fonda has the support of Reagan, which she says is all she needs.

"Get a life," Fonda told Yahoo when told of a Facebook page entitled "Boycott Hanoi Jane Playing Nancy Reagan." "If he (Larry Reyes, the page's founder) creates hoopla, it will cause more people to see the movie. I know that Nancy Reagan was happy that I was doing it, and I sent some questions to her that she answered."

Reyes, a Naval veteran, is not happy with the decision to put Fonda in the role. He is not the only one; the Facebook page currently has 2,000 likes and various supporters.

"How can any American think this would be OK, I tell you what, if she is indeed cast, I swear, I will make signs and boycott the opening of this movie, and I hope you all will join me," Reyes posted. He has been hard at work spreading his opposition to Fonda's role since March, when it was announced.

"I just started this folks, more to come and spread the word!!! This traitor has no business playing a presidents wife, ALL VETS SHOULD BE OFFENDED, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, MORE INFO TO FOLLOW," Reyes said back on March 28.

The movie, "The Butler," features Fonda as Nancy and Adam Rickman as President Ronald Reagan. It's inspired by the true story of a domestic servant at the White House. Forest Whitaker will portray the life of Eugene Allen, the title character; other stars include John Cusack, Vanessa Redgrave, Oprah Winfrey, and Robin Williams.

Even though Fonda was viewed as traitorous to the United States during the Vietnam War- she even posed with anti-American aircraft- she has since issued numerous apologies for her actions. Fonda was very anti-war and has not apologized for her viewpoints, though she has reconciled with Nancy Reagan and will be careful to portray her as accurately as possible.

"I might not have always agreed with Nancy Reagan, but I admire her, and I'd never try to insert my views when playing her. I tried to be who she was: a forceful, loyal, powerful first lady," Fonda told Yahoo.