Jane Goodall Promotes Disney's 'Chimpanzee' (VIDEO)

Animal activist Jane Goodall is making the rounds to promote her collaboration with Disney in the new movie "Chimpanzee." The movie, will be be released on Friday, Earth Day, tells the story of an adorable chimp named Oscar who is left orphaned after his mother is killed.

Goodall has long been known for her work with chimpanzees, apes, and gorillas. At the world premiere in Orlando, she was overwhelmed by the media and fan turnout.

"This is chaos," she told the Orlando Sentinel as she walked the red carpet.

This is the fourth movie produced by the Disneynature genre; its first "African Cats" delighted movie goers with its telling of the story of three families of African lions and cheetahs. It included documentation of the experience of Fang the lion, who battled against a rival for control over the land and the heart-pacing story of Sita, a cheetah with five young cubs.

Both Sita and Fang face danger, and Disneynature allows watchers the scenes no one else had been able to capture. Now Disneynature is hoping to win audiences over by telling the true story of Oscar the orphan chimpanzee who finds a new parent after the death of his mother.

Last year Disney released "African Cats" on Earth Day and worked with the African Wildlife Foundation to save the Savanna where the cats were filmed. Now Disney has teamed up with the Jane Goodall Institute in order to help save chimpanzees. For both movies, Disney made donation for every ticket sold during opening weekend.

"Chimpanzee" took four years to film, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Why did it take so long?

"We don't entice them [the chimps] or make them do anything, so you have to wait for them," executive producer Don Hahn told the Sentinel.

"Chimpanzees, without a doubt, are the best animals on the planet," explained director Alastair Fothergill. "They are breathtaking, wonderful, engaging animals."

See the trailer for "Chimpanzee" here: