Tuesday, May 08, 2012
Jane McGarry Arrested for DWI: Should NBC Anchor Be Fired?

Jane McGarry Arrested for DWI: Should NBC Anchor Be Fired?

An NBC anchor for Dallas, Texas has been arrested for drunk driving, reports state. She was released on bail four hours later, and the KXAS-TV station where she works has not spoken publicly about the matter.

McGarry's arrest came after she reportedly failed to signal a lane change. When police pulled her over, they stated that she had "bloodshot, droopy eyes and used a loud tone of voice." She explained that she had had three glasses of wine but refused a breathalyzer, instead opting to take a blood test.

McGarry failed several police-administered sobriety tests before they took her to the precinct and booked her on charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI). She has not given any public statement about the ordeal, though fans are voicing their support and disapproval over her actions.

"We all have done something similar in our life… Keep your head up!" Harry Gonzalez wrote on her Facebook page. "People like to make judgment of everything and everyone… You made a mistake and you will not do it again…end of story."

"Not a one of us hasn't done something we regretted in our lifetime…I hope and pray this can be worked out without losing your job… Best wishes!" added Angie Wilkerson.

There are those, though, who are calling for McGarry to be fired immediately for her actions. One user has started a petition with the name "Fire Jane McGarry Now!" though some are saying this unknown user has jumped the gun and is being too harsh with the petition.

"Let he who [has] not sinned cast the first stone… She made a mistake and I'm pretty certain that it won't happen again" commented Debra C Ford. "Stand by her."

"This isn't about sin," replied Fire Jane McGarry now. "This is about breaking the laws of the land. She is a member of the community, a person who reports on the dangers and deaths and lives changed from drunk driving, and then she goes out and does it. Drunk driving is illegal."

"Just because you report the news doesn't make you perfect," added Ray Scoma.

McGarry is an award-winning anchor; she previously won the prestigious National Gracie Award for Best Local Anchor and has put herself on Twitter and Facebook to reach larger contingencies of people.



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