'Jane the Virgin' Season 4 Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Jane Tell Adam Her True Feelings? Rafael to Start Over Again

Facebook/CWJanetheVirginJane (Gina Rodriguez) tells Adam (Tyler Posey) how she feels.

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) could be letting out the "L" word to Adam (Tyler Posey) in episode 6. Meanwhile, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is working his way from his mistakes.

On the next episode of "Jane the Virgin" season 4, Jane could be confessing her love to Adam early on in their relationship.

As seen in the episode 6 promo, Jane invites Adam to join her in her mini-book tour that her publisher set up for her. When Adam asks Jane if she really wants him to come, the author has two responses in mind.

"Yes, because I love you," is what Jane wanted to answer to Adam's question. However, she ended up saying, "Yeah, it'd be fun."

Later on, Jane tells her mother, Xo (Andrea Navedo), about how she almost spilled her feelings on Adam, saying that "it is way too early" for her to say that she loves him.

However, a run in with best-selling novelist, Isabel Allende, might convince Jane to be passionate about her love for Adam.

Now that Jane already feels in love with Adam, could it be too late for her to have a chance with Rafael?

According to the episode 6 listing on The Futon Critic, Rafael is busy correcting his past mistakes by working towards becoming a better person.

The former hotelier found a job, but Rafael might be having a hard time coming to grips with the reality of his situation. However, Rafael is committed to improving himself because when Petra (Yael Grobglas) finds a way to win back the Marbella, he wants to stay out of it.

Given Rafael's circumstances, Baldoni believes that he and Jane don't have a chance, at least not right now.

"I think at this snapshot in his life, he's not in a place to be a romantic partner to Jane," Baldoni said previously to TVGuide.

However, he remains hopeful that there's more in store for Jane and Rafael in the future.

"I believe Jane knows Rafael's heart and I think judging by what Rafael did at the end and he paid the price, I would hope that would be enough. We'll see what happens. I hope it works out," Baldoni explained.

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