Janet Jackson Statement on Will: 'Princple Concern' is Children not Money

Janet Jackson's attorney has issued a statement on behalf of her and her family, insisting that they are not after Michael Jackson's money and are only seeking to protect his children.

Family drama between the Jackson's has broken out over the past month after questions over the custody of Michael Jackson's children were raised. Their grandmother had initial custody but lost it to TJ Jackson, the children's uncle who secure temporary custody after the grandmother allegedly disappeared.

The cause for the distress has largely been place on Jackson's siblings, who have been accused of going after Michael Jackson's wealth. In a new statement however, the siblings have stated that it is the executors of Michael's will who are at fault.

"Since the loss of Michael, Janet, Randy and Rebbie's principal concern has been and continues to be for the safety and wellbeing of Michael's children, their mother Katherine Jackson, and the entire family," Blair Brown, Janet Jackson's lawyer, said in a statement on Friday. "Unfortunately, those people have been harmed by the actions of the executors of Michael's estate.

The executors have been accused of misrepresenting information and called out for upholding a will presumably signed by Jackson in Los Angeles, when he was actually in New York at the time.

"The negative media campaign generated by the executors and their agents has been relentless," the family stated in a letter obtained by the Daily News. "In recent weeks, the media received preposterous reports - all now proven to be false - of a purported kidnapping of Katherine Jackson and of physical and verbal abuse of a child."

The letter, written by Blair, also states that the family does not benefit monetarily from questioning the current will.

"It is important to stress that Janet, Randy and Rebbie have all questioned the validity of the will with no financial motive whatsoever - they stand to gain nothing financially by a finding that the will is invalid," Blair wrote.